Speak Your Mind!?!?

Wow!  Who would have thought that Duck Dynasty would have become such a huge hit to begin with.  I never really got it, although I have watched it several times.  Interesting?  Different?  Sure, but really not overly enjoyable to me.

Now, with the entire Phil Robertson controversy due to his comments in a GQ magazine interview, I find myself very vocal and interested in this matter of Freedom of Speech and how Christians/Gays, Conservatives and Liberals, friends and neighbors, are all becoming so polarized over the subject.  I’m going to say right now that my opinion is just that, and other’s opinions are too, but what really concerns me is the way this impacts our First Amendment rights. (read below)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Not only does the first amendment protect a person’s freedom of speech, but before that, it specifically protects religious rights.  Nobody seems to be focused on that part, but only on the freedom of speech.

There are some basic questions I’d like to ask as food for thought.

  • Why is GQ interested in Phil Robertson?  Not a GQ kind of guy.  Does their readers really align with Duck Dynasty viewers?  Did they go into this interview with an agenda that they knew would garner them huge publicity….and revenue?  A definite possibility.
  • Why are the comments that made in replying to a leading question being made the focus without the follow-up comments about how he would not treat anyone with disrespect and that everyone is God’s creation?  That would have lessened the controversy.  Not as good for news.
  • What good is it doing for A&E and other companies (i.e. Cracker Barrel) to try to “punish” Phil or the Duck Dynasty brand by their actions to remove Phil and/or DD products?  According to the figures from Gallup in 2012, Christians and Catholics account for over 74% of Americans and Gays for less than 5%.  The way society treats those two groups you would assume the numbers were reversed.
  • Did Phil state a belief (disregard it being a religious belief at this moment) that was hateful or harmful to anyone?  Did he attack a segment of people?  If what his said is considered “hate” or “harmful” to the LGBT community, then the Christian communities have an arsenal of attacks being made against them.

As I stated earlier about not really being interested in Duck Dynasty and never understood the huge following, I now realize that God had a plan and is using this family, and this show, to move people who have not spoken up in the past.  Conservatives….Christian or not…..are standing for Phil’s first amendment rights.  Christians are taking a stand for their rights to free speech not being violated and taking a stand for their beliefs too.  Christians and non-Christians are having dialog like never before, and I know lives will be reached in ways that would have not been otherwise.  And hopefully, Christians are displaying the love of Christ when they discuss this matter at the water fountain, in social media, or in their blogs.

I’m proud to be a Christian and I will gladly share my beliefs.  I pray that I always do it in a Christ-like manner.


3 thoughts on “Speak Your Mind!?!?

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  2. Problem.. The world has turned into you can only speak your mind and have freedom of speech if you either agree or you quote your bible… If you say anything other wise you are either rude, Belligerent, ignorant wrong. If it is condemning someone to hell or against someone it is not freedom of speech it is hate.. People hide behind their religous view to express their hate and disapproval or dislike. They use a hypocritical judgement and then say how good they are because they believe.. Yet they forget tho shall not judge… Also if you think about this.. Just because you are religous and it is your personal belief that doesn’t give you the right to stop or say no to someone else and what they believe or feel. Example Gay Marriage you scream it should not be called Marriage because of your bible yet you scream freedom of speech and freedom of religion. You do not agree with homosexuality that doesn’t give you the right to vote no or vote on someones life..THINK YOU SAY ANYTHING AGAINST SOMEONES SKIN COLOR OR RELIGIOUS VIEW (EVEN MORE SO IF IT IS CHRISTIAN!) You should be strung up and beat up and you are all kinds of wrong. and you are going to hell and you are a horrible person. BUT IF YOU SAY ANYTHINGS AGAINST GAY PEOPLE OR NON CHRISTIANS YOU ARE A HERO AND EXPRESSING YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Whats wrong with this thinking… Yeah I think I am safer on the Gay Side…….OK Let me make myself perfectly clear.. The reason people are going nuts and out of their minds is because there is so much hate and confusion and conflict going on. We have people who want to make illegal drugs legal – Thus what part of illegal and they should be in jail for confessing they use it. We have people shooting each other and people who want more guns – There needs to be control over who has them. We have people saying how much they support and love Gay people- But they turn around and contradict themselves and then try to cover it up as to sound like they are a good person. WE have people who panic and want to do and say nasty things to people they do not know and accuse them of being what they are not. Assuming way too much about the other person. It seems when you speak up for yourself and you are making a great point and showing what the problem is you are the one who is belligerent, ignorant and wrong when you are using the very thing to prove how hateful and wrong they are to show them what they are saying. They sit back and refuse to listen to their own words or they in their own mind think nothing of it and want to hold it close. This one hates the government and says they are doing this or that and it is horrible when someone else is pointing out the truth and saying no you misunderstand this is what is being done. Disagreements are causing a major problem it is the fear to be wrong. This is why speech does need to be limited. The panic your words can cause or the misunderstanding you words can cause. You need to think very carefully about what you are saying before you say it and say it to yourself and think about it before it comes out of your mouth. You also need to listen and thing very careful what the other person is saying because you could be wrong. The latest thing it used to be you are rude.. It is now you are ignorant and belligerent when you do not agree with someone and you know you are right and you prove it and they do not want to listen… FEAR causes the problem the fear of being wrong. Be the best human you can be. Never mind your political view or your religious view keep those to yourself and share them with like mined people. Keep your opinion of someones sexual preference and personal life out of your head and out of your mouth.. It is their personal life and has nothing to do with you from what they eat to what they do with their body. Unless you know for 100% fact it is harmful or dangerous to them and other people or is illegal it is none of your business. Just because you personally do not believe in something doesn’t mean that someone else should not do it or believe it. meaning like Gay Marriage… Just because it goes against your belief and your religous view don’t give you the right to vote no on the issue because all that is, is you saying I don’t believe it so that person should not do it… And what kind of BS thinking is that?? It is not something that is harmful or dangerous that will kill or hurt someone…Again as long as it is two legal aged consenting adults and they are not harming anyone. Honestly why would that be a problem How is love of any human wrong again legal age and consent. I do not care what book or what thought. To say No to it or those people is wrong. So you accept and love those people but don’t have a physical emotional legal relationship with someone of the same sex if you are not gay and go about your own personal life and shut the hell up… That simple. There are too many loud people with no points in this world.. This one is screaming about this persons belief this one is screaming about how we are all going to get blown away in a horrible storm.. This one is screaming how the Government is wrong and how we are all losing our country Honestly people give all the panic and bull shit a rest. Why not try shutting up and listening to someone else for a change and finding out what is really going on instead of causing a panic… I see how the world works… You offend me and it is your freedom of speech and you are allowed to say it… I offend you and I am a horrible nasty person with no right to say anything at all and I should be punished…. You can say anything you want but if I cuss or I say something I think or feel I am ranting or I am being hateful or I am wrong… Wow great freedom of speech works one way only what you want to hear…. I did not realize this until now. Human life is worth the world. it is never ok even in the name of religous view or any view for that matter to hurt someone. We all have our own troubles and issues to deal with. no I am not pro life I am pro choice for reasons I will explain only if asked. You would be amazed.. I have seen more then most people in my life time things maybe i should not have seen. I have done many things in life as well… Some day if you are a friend we need to sit and really talk about life if you only knew the joke goes… I am not religous. I do believe in a creator and a God that loves all. Ok folks.. Listen. Personally, In this life you are very very lucky to have someone who loves you and is willing to provide for you and be with you and the whole till death do us part stuff… It really should not matter to anyone if it is to men two women a man and women or whatever…. LOVE is not wrong. God will never ever punish anyone for love. As long as it is true and real..IN LIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND FROM IT AS WELL ” GAY MARRIAGE GAY MARRIAGE GAY MARRIAGE!!!!!!” HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! Ok Lets be real and pull out the big guns.. You would be wrong if you disagree with me… Under freedom of speech and freedom of religion we should have never punished or said that 911 was wrong they had every right to bomb the twin towers and kill people in the name of their religious view. It was what they believed and their freedom to do so their religous belief that they know.. We should never disagree with those freedoms or say anything because of that… You are doing the same thing by preaching Gay people should burn in hell and using your bible against someone else… Theirs is just as real and a belief just like yours.. So they have the same rights… We should not get mad or cry or say it is wrong…. A racist has the freedom of speech and so does everyone… If you do not agree you are a hypocrite… Because you are saying we have freedom of speech and religion but it is only when you agree or something you want to hear and it is expressed by only those you are compatible with….Oh And just because you are sick of hearing something or do not want to hear it or see it doesn’t mean it is not true or being honest or real. Nor does it mean that it really did not hurt that person or hurts that person..YOUR attitude of shut up or reply of negativity are what is the problem with the world today this I don’t want to hear it or I don’t know what to say or do.. Or this you said that already I am tired of hearing it. Telling someone to shut up or they do not have the right to say how they feel or what they think or how many times they can express themselves that is the problem… YOU ARE WRONG!

    • Preston. You have quoted verbatim word for word what another person with a different name on a Facebook post in some of the rant you’ve made. How is that?

      I believe many of your exact points could be easily turned around by exchanging “gay” and “Christian” but you will refuse to see that. Listen, if I am a Christian I must first admit I am a sinner. When I chose to become a Christian I allow God to change my life. I still sin, but its the condition of my heart that causes me to regret that sin and try to so better. My belief in Christianity is not one that I sin and God erases my name from the Lambs Book of Life. No, my relationship with God brings me under conviction and I as for His forgiveness. My religion is my choice and I ask that others respect my beliefs, just as you’re demanding others to respect yours. What frustrated me is when there can be gay parades and I am expected to condone that lifestyle, but that respect only goes one way.

      I was fired from a good job because I questioned the need to sponsor and financially support a gay pride parade. I stated that our company had done a great job of showing equal treatment of all employees and that by continuing to segregate the gay employees we continue to point that group out as different. Also, I’ve never scoffed at a gay person in my life but when my son and I walked past a group of effeminate cross dressed men, they pointed and laughed at us.

      I think its time you truly look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about how REAL Christians are treating you and how you and the gay community treat Christians. You believe we’re all ignorant and hateful, we believe our Bible.

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